Do you dream of running a successful coaching and consulting business?

Are you stuck in a ‘client plateau’ ?

Have you exhausted your current resources, and are wondering where your next coaching clients are going to come from?

Do you dread those sales calls because you keep facing rejections?

Do you have a message to send out to the world, but you’re just not attracting the right people who see the value in what you offer?

We’ve got you.

If you’re here, then you’re most likely looking to grow your established coaching business. You may be a life coach, fitness trainer, or social media consultant who’s looking to make an impact on even more people…

You may be a public speaker, author, website designer or photographer with a dream of one day building a consulting business in your industry…

Or you may just be a fresh-starter who has a vision of a brand new consulting or coaching business that you want to build.

Let’s explore where you are & where you want to go.

You love to lead people to explore their full potential.

You’re looking to expand your service-based business so you can create greater change in the world.

You want to get your voice out there because you really believe you can make a difference in people’s lives.

You love to run a business where you establish your hours and not go by someone else’s clock.

You can create a win-win situation where you can charge what you’re worth and give tons of value at the same time.

You’re looking for a tribe of people who want to help you grow and value personal growth over money.

You’re transitioning from your current business to one where you can teach people in your industry how to achieve success similar to yours.

Sounds great guys, but what about these obstacles?

It takes me forever to turn prospects into clients.

I have a few prospects in the pipeline, but I keep getting rejected.

I just don’t seem to be attracting the people who want my services.

I’m so stuck! I’ve exhausted my resources, what do I do now?

I work tirelessly everyday and don’t produce the results I want.

I do well one month, but worse the next month, what’s going on?

I’ve earned a bit from my business but it’s taking so long to get to the big numbers.








We totally get it…

And we’ve got some great news.

Not only were we right where you are a few years ago, we’ve also coached hundreds of people just like you… and helped them triple their business in a matter of months!

The first thing you have to understand when it comes to building your coaching business, is that you don’t need to work harder.

You read that right. Let us explain that for a second.

Price Pritchett, in his book You², explained that trying harder is never the answer. If we want a quantum leap, we need to think about the elegant and effortless answer.

You’ve probably researched, invested and studied a whole lot about how to grow your business – and if you’re still here, it’s likely that none of those previous attempts worked out too well for you.

Time for a little eye-opener…Fill in the blanks!

I feel ___________ when it comes to my business.

The most I have earned is ________________ from my business per month.

I have continued to earn this same amount for ________________ months.

I enrolled __________ clients into my coaching program last month.

The highest number of clients I have ever enrolled in a month is _____________.

One thing that I know I shouldn’t do, but I do anyway is __________.

I believe the habit holding me back is ____________.

Hmm… Do you see a pattern in your results?

If so, there’s only one way to break that pattern. We need to get to the root cause that created this pattern in the first place. We have to get to the paradigm of habits that you’ve built over all these years, and we have to change it into something that’s going to serve you, instead of keeping you stuck where you are, only to see the same dreaded results show up again and again.

This wheel of lack, hard work and exhaustion is one that over 90% of coaches are stuck in – and ironically, it’s simply because they don’t know how to change the habit patterns that keep them there!

Think about this for a minute: How many seminars, courses, and speakers have given you certain activities to follow for 30, 60 or even 90 days? How hard was it to stay consistent? Did you find yourself procrastinating, or simply just forgetting about it, only to continue to remain stuck with a lack of clients?

Now think about this. How many times do we take action in our business that we know we shouldn’t (procrastination, worry, etc)…but we do it anyway? Isn’t that SO frustrating? Why the heck can’t we stop ourselves? We WANT to create a successful coaching business… but why aren’t we taking the right ACTION to attract the right flow of people, earn more money, and ultimately change more lives?

Because whether we like it or not, we are PROGRAMMED to remain within our comfort zone. Attracting our ideal client requires a shift in the way we think, it requires us to fumble and fall and allow ourselves to make mistakes; but our old logic won’t take that very well. It will do everything it can to stop us.


Say Hello To…

The Thinking Into Results Program is a phenomenal program that is based on Bob Proctor’s 57+ years of research, and has already reached millions of people worldwide, helping them produce amazing results in their business along the way.

Bob Proctor has been named America’s Greatest Prosperity Teacher, and for good reason. Being in the coaching industry for over half a century and featuring in worldwide sensations like The Secret, he truly knows how to take you out of your head and into your heart. He created the Thinking Into Results program with his business partner Sandy Gallagher to help you get out of your own way, so you can finally begin to attract the right clients and build your business the way you’ve always dreamed of!

Get ready for a beautiful journey, because you’re in the right place!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a wellness coach, a career coach, a fitness coach, a business coach, sales consultant, social media consultant or even a relationship coach. This amazing program is going to help you attract EXACTLY the clients you love to work with; And it will help you do it with such EFFORTLESS ease that you will open up the flood gates and happily watch your DREAM CLIENTS FLOW IN!

This is right for you if…

It is your absolute dream to be a coach or consultant (even if you haven’t started yet!)

You value personal growth over the investment that it takes to receive the help you need.

You are coachable and willing to have an open mind.

You are ready to commit to transforming your business and results.

You are seriously ready to make a decision to change your life.

You’re a great learner and follower.

You are willing to get uncomfortable.

This is NOT right for you if…

It is NOT your absolute dream to be a coach or consultant.

You are not willing to invest time and money on your personal growth.

You want to do it your own way and are not willing to be flexible.

You are NOT ready to make a commitment for better results..

You’re not ready to make a decision to take a big leap forward.

You are fine with the way things are going for you, and you don’t really care about improving it.

You are NOT willing to get uncomfortable.


Meet Your Mentors

Hi there, Coach!

We’re Naveed & Sonika, the Co-Founders of Naveed & Sonika Coaching. We’re also going to be your mentors through this amazing 6-month process… And we can’t be more excited to work with you!

We’ve had the honor to work with, and be certified by the Proctor Gallagher Institute – an amazing company that aims to create a Paradigm Shift in the world by enlightening everyone to their potential.

By working with us, you’re going to get information and teachings right from the source; the people who began the personal development industry that we know today.

Within 18 months of committing ourselves to our coaching business, we took our income from $32,000 a year to well over $500,000. We hit over 100 coaching clients in 35 different countries. And it was SO EFFORTLESS!

We help coaches just like you remove those roadblocks in your mind and your actions so you can create the same effortless results!

Naveed & Sonika are certified by Bob Proctor & the Proctor Gallagher Institute, and one of the first in the world to expand on a global scale. They quickly rose to become one of the top consultants in the world, gaining explosive recognition within the personal development industry. This dynamic-duo aims to help companies and individuals achieve ground-breaking, permanent results.

What’s Included In This Awesome Program?

12 Paradigm-Shifting modules designed to completely transform your mindset.

An action planner that will stretch you beyond belief, showing you exactly how to produce quick results.

A goal card that will be the turning point of your focus, and therefore, of your result.

Weekly coaching calls where we stretch you, answer your questions and hold you accountable.

Weekly Mastermind Calls with other participants that will help you think outside the box, gain referrals and build connections.

Hold on… we’re not done yet! By working with us, you will also receive special Bonuses that are not included in the original program:

BONUS: Daily Speed Coaching that keeps you connected to us on a personal level at all times.

BONUS: Accountability emails that make sure you’re moving at the right pace.

BONUS: A beautiful, structured membership site where everything you need is one place, complete with study schedules, checklists, and a private notes journal.

BONUS: A private Facebook group with daily action triggers and a place to spread inspiration.

BONUS: Special LIVE Q&A calls with guest experts from time to time.

BONUS: A chance to feature your product or service to our hundreds of clients, helping you attract referrals and clients.

BONUS: An affiliate opportunity to create another source of income for yourself.

Resist your old beliefs… and build new ones! This is the fight between your old paradigm and your dream. Who will win?
You decide!

5 Reasons To Invest In This Program Right Now

You will start to see IMMEDIATE positive changes in your coaching business.

You will earn more profit sooner rather than later.

You will be reaching more people and changing more lives!

You get to share your message and express who you truly are!

You get to see clients flow in who are QUALIFIED and are ready to invest with you!

Choose to do things differently… you will reap different and better rewards!


5 Ways Your Paradigm Is Trying To Stop You

“I don’t have the time!”

“I can’t afford it, and I’m not willing to do what it takes to find it.”

“I don’t want to invest any money in myself right now.”

“I need some time to think it over.”

“I can do it on my own.”

Don’t let these reasons stop you from building your dream coaching business!



International Best Selling Author

Naveed & Sonika have given me the quantum leap I have been dreaming of my whole life. Naveed & Sonika have helped me multiply my income by 2.5 times, in just 90 days.I also finally wrote my amazing book, The Cappuccino Chronicles which I couldn’t bring myself to finish in 20 years; Naveed & Sonika showed me how to do that in 6 months. My book became an intant International Best Seller & #1 on Amazon!

Web Strategist & Consultant

Naveed & Sonika made me realize that my dreams do not need to have a limit! When I met them as my clients, I had a feast & famine, roller coaster type of business. On the third round of being on the famine side, I just hated it and was eager to find out what in the world I was doing wrong! I reached out to Sonika and asked for help! don’t have to worry about the next 4 months, because I was able to turn it around in such away that I have sure payments in the next 4-6 months by doing payment plans. This month I will have $7000 from retainers & payment plan clients! They both continue to inspire me! They have raised my self worth to a crazy level that I never imagined before!

New to Our Coaching? Check out our coaching process.


No, they are not the same thing. We’re going to really define your purpose and create a vision for you, one that gets you out of bed in the morning, and keeps the fire in you blazing all day long. We will then help you break it down into goals that are specific…but NOT comfortable.


This step is crucial, because we’re going to dive deep every single week into the habits that you need to change in order to attract exactly what you need into your business.


The. Most. Important. Step. Like, seriously. Nothing kills our desires more than lack of action. This is going to be where you start to see that mindset work come to life! We’re going to set weekly action steps together that will push you outside your comfort zone, but will produce MIND-BLOWING results.


This is the best part of all: when you get to watch in awe while your income multiplies itself, your schedule gets booked out with new clients, and you’re finally spreading your wings! Yay!


Millionaire Author & NY Times Best Seller Recommends
Naveed & Sonika

Life & Mindset Coach

I’ve been working with Naveed for just over three weeks now and already my whole life has done a complete turnaround. Naveed quickly highlighted to me just how important it was to fuse with my Type-C goal, and since doing that, giving myself permission to listen to that whisper of my real dream, everything started to change. Today, in one day, I earned more money than I used to in one month. And it has been all thanks to the exceptional guidance and leadership of Naveed. I am eternally grateful for his help, do what he says and your life will change in ways you can’t even imagine! I’ve earned over $35,000 NZD in my first month of working with them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Once we verify your payment, you receive all materials and logins within the hour, all ready to begin!
Yes! The Thinking into Results program is 4-figure coaching package. It is for the serious coach/consultant in the making with a big idea, or the established coach looking to scale up in a big way!
Yes! Simply scroll to the bottom of this page to select the best payment option for you.
Yes! We accept payments via the usual credit cards (Amex, Master, Visa). We only accept bank transfers for one-time payments.
Yes! The mentorship is 6 months because we don’t want you experience temporary results; we want you to produce permanent changes and 6 months is the best time frame for a transformation
Absolutely! We make sure to not overwhelm you with too much information and provide you with weekly steps, accountability, and an amazing membership platform with check lists and videos to keep you on track!
Oh yes! We have built everything from business building masterminds to action steps and accountability + 1:1 daily speed coaching to make sure that you are taking big steps to build up your business. We also have LIVE Q&A sessions with guest experts covering various topics, so you can get your questions answered!
You will receive mentoring from both of us (Naveed & Sonika) as well as from Bob Proctor and Sandra Gallagher through the video modules. 4 amazing mentors to give you amazing results!


The world needs more leaders. That could be you. We look forward to working with you!

“Sonika and Naveed provide you with simple steps to help you make big changes in your life. Do not allow their young age to mislead you, these two individuals are beyond their years in wisdom. They are on a mission to make a difference on this planet and share this wonderful information with as many people as they can.”
Bob Proctor, Best Selling Author of You Were Born Rich

“Sonika and Naveed didn’t achieve their dreams by happenstance. They did it by understanding and living in harmony with Universal Laws. Naveed and Sonika not only share their stories, they share the ideas and principles that have gotten them where they are today.”
Sandra Gallagher, CEO & Co-Founder of Proctor Gallagher Institute